xat has started a wider beta test of the xat chat app for android devices.

You no longer need the MOBILEBETA power to login to the application.

The application is still in Beta stages, meaning it is under development and there are no guarantees this will work on your device.

If you find a new bug you can report it here: Community - You will need a separate account to do this.

If you find a security issue please report it to a volunteer via ticket if you are a paid user.

How to install it on your phone: How to Install 3rd party apps

You can then log into the application by clicking the "Settings" tab and entering the login credentials of your xat account.

New in 1.32

  • Notifications can be turned off or friends only
  • Chats page works better
  • Message timestamps work
  • Powers can now be toggled on/off


How do I log in?

Click the more option (3 vertical dots). Put in your username and password. Press "Login". Then click the chat bubble. You may need to login a second time to get push notifications to work. Note there is no login succeeded message.

I have an iPhone can I run the app?

xat is working on an iPhone App that is similar to the Android app. Unfortunately there is no equivalent beta program for iPhone, so iPhone users will need to wait until the application is more complete.

What is the lowest version of android that can run the app?

The minimum is Jelly Bean (API level 16). But the later the version and the faster the phone the better it will work.

Are there any other charges I should be aware of?

The application is completely free to use. However, the application will have full access to your data including both WiFi and GSM(3g/4g). We, therefore, suggest only using the application at this time if you have an unlimited plan. We will not be responsible for any charges made due to data allowance. You accept this agreement when downloading the application, as well as agreed upon in the Terms of Service.

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