Send a jumblejinx hug to a friend and they will start talking gibberish. Usage: /jinx [time in minutes]type[probability%] Your message here#optional color code Examples: /jinx 10mix50 you are so jinxed! /jinxall 30jumble100 jinx that! Costs 10 xats. Types: jumble - random effects from below mix - letters mixed up reverse - letters reversed ends - swaps first and last middle - mixes the middle but leaves first and last alone Default and maximum time is 30 mins. Default probability is 25%. You can put a jumblejinx smiley at end of a message to "self jinx". Example: Oh no I'm jinxed (jumblejinx#wreverse) Gcontrol You can use Gcontrol to set the minimum rank for this feature and whether same rank users can jinx each other.

  • Smilies are:(jumblejinx#)(jumblejinx#)(jinxback#)
  • Limited pawns: